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Dr Cathy DeForest


Relationship: Client
Project Date: January 2016
Project Price: $10,000 - $49,999

Krissy is a fabulous designer! She made our Tuscan farmhouse comfortable and elegant at the same time. We started in the Sun Room overlooking our vineyard wanting to replace sun drenched sofas with sun resistant fabric. She did such a great job of creating casual elegance, that we ended up redoing most of the house. She listened so well to our needs and tastes and presented us with creative options.. My favorite idea that Krissy had was to say to me, "You are an artist, let's feature your work."' Something I was not doing! Krissy managed to place our antiques and other treasures in unique places, making us both feel at home as well as creating a fresh look. I have never worked with a designer as creative as Krissy and she is FUN to work with.

Claudia Little


: Client
Project Date: August 2016
Project Price: $10,000 - $49,999

If you want to enjoy the experience of beautifying your home, Krissy is the designer for you. We recently completed whole new looks in our master bedroom, dining room and guest quarters. It all started with the gift of a work-of-art bedspread quilt my sister made for me. I gave Krissy the fabrics in the quilt while it was being made and she designed a perfect oasis of quiet beauty for us around the colors. Our master bedroom is oversized and prior to the new furnishings, paint, carpets, etc. it was never an inviting place for retreat. Now, we enjoy spending time in the seating area with a book and just taking in the serenity of the whole space. We especially appreciated Krissy's willingness to let us 'live' with a piece of furniture to see if it worked for us, knowing if it didn't, we could return it for credit or a new choice. We didn't return anything - her selections were right on, but that assurance of no-fault returns took away the anxiety of making decisions. When a piece of furniture didn't arrive in a timely manner due the manufacturer's delay, she kept us well informed and even threw in a completely unnecessary gift that made our guest room really 'pop.' When you work with Krissy, she will consult with you on paint colors, carpet choices and many other decisions her business will have no profit from. She wants you to be happy with the finished product and will choose from whatever source is available for the complete project. As another reviewer mentioned, she gave us the thrill of putting the whole look together while we were away from the house so we could get that fun WOW experience on seeing our vision complete for the first time. I recommend Terra Firma Home and her staff without reservation.

Laurie Grigsby


Relationship: Client
Project Date: November 2016
Project Price: $1,000 - $9,999

Krissy and the Terra Firma Home team are fabulous to work with on any size project. Krissy, using her professional talents is able to transform your dreams and conceptions into reality using her creativity as she has done for us over the past eight years. In our latest collaboration a sun-room was turned into a lovely seating area over looking our terrace and pastures. My husband and I would highly recommend Krissy and Terra Firma Home, you will enjoy the whole process.

Galen Wright


Relationship: Client
Project Date: September 2011
Project Price: $50,000 - $100,000

Krissy is the bomb! Amazing to work with. When our ad agency opened our Portland and Toronto offices, both in very open industrial spaces, we knew we needed someone who could communicate our brand, so that our clients (like LG, Blackberry, Leatherman & Pendleton) would be suitably impressed. She nailed it, combining mid-century kitsch with reclaimed woods and retro chic antiques--and fantastic lighting. She really went the extra mile. Heck, she went to Canada.

Connie Meier


Relationship: Client
Project Date: May 2016
Project Price: $10,000 - $49,999

My husband and I recently completed construction on our home my husband designed. We really felt the house deserved a professional interior designer's input to give our home the WOW we were looking for. We started with the living, kitchen and dining area. Krissy came to our home and came up with some great ideas....we loved everything she recommended... She has incredible taste and sense of design! When it came time for delivery, Krissy had me leave...she called me about 4 hours later and told me she was ready to have me return. My husband and I walked into the house together...our jaws dropped! The new look was absolutely amazing! We could not have been more excited. The space she designed feels comfortable, inviting, warm and spacious. Super happy with her work....we are on to the the next space...the master bedroom and bathroom. ..I can't wait!

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What other clients say...

Linda Butler

Butler Kia

Working with Krissy is a breeze, she is an excellent listener and eager to have your home and its furnishings reflect your personality. Krissy does an amazing job of bringing together all the right pieces to create a beautiful environment for her clients to enjoy. I love what Terra Firma and Krissy has created for our family in our home and can hardly wait for our next project to begin. Our customers are really happy with the transformation of our Service Waiting Area…all of the design and furnishings were done by Krissy and Terra Firma.

Jason Ehrlich

Steelhead Advertising

Great job on everything you have done to make this loft come together. I am so friggen pumped at everything I saw and can not wait to see it with the furni set and the finishing touches added. I am truly rendered speechless on how to possibly express my/our gratitude... I can not believe the wealth of talent you guys possess, how you used your industry contacts to save a ton of money and finally how hard you pressed your shoulder into the work.

Myra & Ron Silverman

Terra Firma Home is the most wonderful, stylish store in all of Southern Oregon! We love our new living room.

Bonni & Jeremy Criswe

We want to give you all a huge thanks for making the cushionswap happen for our couch. We procrastinated a long time, but your diligence persevered and we couldn't appreciate it more. We are so happy with the outcome, the couch feels better than ever and you made the process effortless. You all fortify our belief and support of local, small businesses and we applaud your customer service. Thank you so much again for all your hard work.

Barbara Tupper

Style, originality, one-of-a-kind imported treasures; products you only expect to find in a large city; inspired, artistic groupings in a warm, cozy environment. Where I want to live.

DeAnne & D'miles

We were so fortunate to have found Terra Firma when we needed to furnish our home. They transformed every room into a warm, inviting and personal space. Their talented design team handled all aspects of the design: paint colors, rug selections, beautiful furnishings and even fine details that made our house a truly comfortable home. With furniture from around the world, Terra Firma was a unique find for us in Southern Oregon!

Isabella Hensley

After moving from San Francisco finding Terra Firma Home has been so refreshing. The design aesthetic of the owners is fabulous and unique, and the staff provides excellent service. My husband and I now have a beautiful sanctuary we have the pleasure of calling ‘home’.

Jenny Saint Clair

Royal Shiva

I have shopped in many big cities for furniture and pieces of art. To walk into Terra Firma of Medford is such a 'big city' experience. This store has amazing furniture, rugs and pillows. You feel like you've stepped into an almost magical place. I could linger for hours. The people that work there are absolutely wonderful and understand everyone has a different budget to work with. They will help you find the perfect item if you want or they will just let you wander to your heart’s content. Terra Firma is full of grace.









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