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The Power of Color


I love color in all elements, but the degree to which one can infuse color most certainly depends on the client, the location and the space. Sometimes, color can come from something as simple as a vase of flowers. Many times, a piece of art will set the tone for the best infusion or addition of color. Picking up on a deep nuance of a painting can inspire one to paint an accent wall; perhaps a deep, dark navy to contrast white walls. If you find your personality type is that of a chameleon, keeping a neutral palette for upholstery and just updating pillows, or accent walls is a great way to satisfy your changing mood.

You may have a family heirloom that is sentimental but doesn't feel quite right in your new home. How about keying into a color scheme and having the antique lacquered into a great color? I once had a client with a beautiful blue living room and a very old oak writing desk that was quite sentimental. We lacquered the piece a deep blue and it then became modern and classic all at once.

Color has rhythm, much like music. There is beauty on its own, but combined with other colors, it can become a perfect symphony. It is important to pay attention to tone, hue and shade of each color as the eye scans across a room. Currently the grey/ neutral color palette is really popular, but, sometimes, if you step back, it can be incredibly boring! If you love the calm of a grey palette, maybe all that's needed is a gorgeous, huge, green fig tree to liven and enrich the space.

Texture is also important when it comes to color. Is the finish shiny or matte? How does the light filter and play in the room? It is always interesting to pause and study the saturation of color in a space.

Choosing color schemes for your home requires many aspects of theory and psychology. There are volumes devoted to this study. Brown tones induce a feeling of nature and comfort, white is very refreshing, clean and pure. Grey tones can give a subtle elegance and formality to a space. Grey is tricky, because if there is a bit of yellow tint, it can be a depressing feeling, especially if there are brown wood tones in a room. These are just a few examples of how neutral colors can affect your space and mood. Of course, pure, primary and secondary colors have natural traits: Yellow is happy, optimistic, blue is calm and serene, red is energy, passion and so forth and so on. So ask yourself, what are my favorites? How do I want my room to feel?

Color can be exciting and energizing. It can also transform a space into becoming calm, reflective and peaceful. Color is an integral part of design that no matter the shade, life is too short to live without it!

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